Have you found the “purr-fect” pet?

Most people don’t hesitate to consider breed, personality and activity level when considering adoption of a dog, but this approach is often lacking when adopting a cat. Instead, many people look only at the color, beauty, hair length or “cuteness” of the cat.

  • Some cats are calmer than others and are great as lap cats. Other cats are extremely active and want to play constantly.
  • Some cats don’t like other animals, while others need animal companions.
  • Young kittens haven’t learned to pull in and control their claws and can hurt unintentionally. They can also get into mischief and need a bit more supervision.

Putting the wrong type of cat into the wrong environment can make for a very unhappy home—for both the human AND the cat. The animal-human bond will not be as strong and there may also be some undesirable habits or behaviors that can arise.

Adoption checklist: things to think about before you adopt