We’ve found new homes

Previous fosters of Cat Matchers who have been adopted into permanent homes!

ConnorConnor, a short haired tabby with white, DP-101-08, is the friendliest cat on the planet. When he sees you, he will flop on his side and beg for you to pet his tummy. He loves it. DOB: 8/15/06. He was rescued from Section 8 housing where there was a lot of dog-fighting going on. It’s a wonder he wasn’t used for bait. Loves people, loves kids, loves other cats. So personable you’ll wonder why he doesn’t have his own talk show!

DemitriDemitri, SF-127R-07, a Norwegian Forest Cat/Tabby mix is extremely affectionate and loves attention. He lives with other cats and can do so as long as they don’t gang up on him. He is gentle and prefers the company of humans. He was rescued when he was about 5 months old. He was adopted a few months later, but then returned when the other cats in the home were beating him up. DOB 7/22/06

BrookeBrooke, DB-111-07, is a female gray tuxedo with the most beautiful medium hair you have ever seen. Talk about a plumy tail!. Brooke was rescued from animal control on the day they closed the Dallas facility. It was the last day and they had no room for her so, even though she had been there for awhile, they were going to euthanize her so they didn’t have to move her. Cat Matcher volunteers came to her rescue and boy is she grateful. She tells you so every time she butts her head into your hand. Very, very affectionate. Loves people and gets along well with other cats. Her approx. DOB is 1/8/07.