Seniors for Seniors

Cat Matchers and are celebrating November as Adopt-a-Senior-Pet Month.

Senior cats (and dogs) make great companions for senior folks!  There’s a kind of understanding they share about growing older and wiser.

Though these cats and dogs still have long, healthy lives ahead of them, they have a greatly reduced risk of outliving their guardians (which is a major concern for many seniors).

Because our senior cats/dogs have their rambunctious kitten/puppy years behind them, they make ideal companions in less active homes.  And because they are homeless, they are especially appreciative of the love and attention that senior folks can provide!

Mature Cats are Great Pets!

What you see is what you get: An animal’s personality can change a great deal on the road to adulthood and maturity. With a mature pet, you can see his or her fully-developed personality and find just the right fit for you.

Young animals are adorable, but they’re lots of work and require constant attention. They’re still kids after all! Mature cats have settled down and can enjoy some quiet time on their own. Mature cats often love to cuddle and enjoy lap time as well as play and entertain their human companions.

Are you looking for a great companion? If so, consider adopting a cat/dog with a little silver in his or her fur.  You’ll find that mature animals make wonderful pets!

Our program places senior cats and dogs with senior citizens who are 60 years of age or older. Cat Matchers’ expert matchmakers will help you select a companion who fits into your lifestyle and housing situation at a reduced adoption rate of $25.